Дистанционный тур Олимпиады "Ломоносов - 2009"
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Второй дополнительный этап дистанционной олимпиады.

Watch the video twice. Answer questions 1 to 4 in no more than 2 sentences.

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Name used in the story: George Psalmanazar

1. Why could Psalmanazar easily fool the public with his stories?

2. What facts served as the proof of Psalmanazar's ‘foreignness’?

3. Why was he welcomed by the British high society?

4. Why was Psalmanazar's book such a great success?

Answer question 5, using between 50 and 75 words.

5. In your opinion, why did Psalmanazar decide to invent the whole story of Formosa and fool so many people?